Download Slack for Mac

The Slack desktop app is the best way to experience Slack on the Mac operating system (OS). To get started, take a look at the steps we’ve outlined below.

Step 1: Download the Slack app

There are two ways to download Slack for Mac: from the App Store or from the Slack downloads page.

App Store

Download from Slack

  1. Find Slack in the App Store.
  2. Click Install.
  3. To launch Slack, open a Finder window, select the Applications folder in the sidebar, then find and double-click the Slack icon.
  1. Visit
  2. Click Download.
  3. Once the download is complete, open a Finder window and select your Downloads folder.
  4. Double click the Slack .zip file to reveal the Slack app icon.
  5. Drag and drop the app icon over Applications in the Finder sidebar.
  6. To launch Slack, double-click the Slack icon in the Applications folder.

Using Mac OS X 10.9 or earlier? The Slack desktop app only supports OS X 10.10 and later. For more info, see Apple’s guide to upgrading your OS.

Step 2: Sign in to your workspace

After installing the Slack app, sign in to your workspace. If you haven’t got a Slack workspace to sign in to, you’ll need to join a workspace or create your own.

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