The #general channel

Every new Slack workspace starts with a #general channel. It’s different to every other Slack channel because no one can leave it – that’s what makes it so useful! It’s a great place to share important messages like announcements. You don’t even need to invite members to #general because they’ll be added automatically when they join the workspace (but not guests!).

Tip: If you have an urgent message to share with the entire team, mention @everyone in #general. Ask people to react to your message so you know who’s seen it. 👀

Share what’s important in #general

Everyone can see everything posted in #general, so we recommend discouraging unnecessary messages. There are a few options to help reinforce this:

Set a channel topic and purpose

Make it clear what the #general channel is for by setting a descriptive channel topic and purpose.

Rename the #general channel

Workspace owners and admins can rename the channel to something more descriptive, e.g. #announcements, #notices or #room101 – whatever suits your workspace’s needs!

Note: The #general channel can’t be converted into a private channel or a shared channel.

Decide who can post in #general

Workspace owners can limit who can post in #general. This option is especially helpful if you only want to use the channel for important announcements. 

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Select Administration, then Workspace settings from the menu.
  3. Click the Permissions tab.
  4. Next to Messaging, click Expand.
  5. Under People who can post to #general, make your selection.
  6. Click Save.

Remember: If a workspace owner limits who can post in #general, this will also affect apps and integrations.

Tip: Owners can also restrict who can use @everyone in #general, as well as @here and @channel in all channels. To browse the options, see  Messaging.

Reduce noise in #general

Although it’s not possible to leave or delete the #general channel, there are a few ways members can reduce distractions:

Mute #general

Members can mute activity in #general the same way they’d mute any other channel.

Ignore channel notifications

Members can adjust their channel notification preferences for #general and ignore any @here and @everyone notifications.

Tip: Check out Reduce noise in Slack for more tips to help you manage what gets your attention – and what doesn’t.

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