Polls in Slack

Where should you go for your team-building day? And most importantly, should you order a sandwich buffet, pizza or sushi for lunch? Reactions, reminders and some handy apps can help you create polls in Slack.

Conduct a poll with emoji reactions

Emoji reactions are great for a quick poll. Simply pop your question into a channel and ask members to respond with an appropriate emoji.

  1. Write your question in the message field.
  2. From the emoji picker, select the emoji that members should use to vote. (e.g. 💚 💙 💛)
  3. Once you’ve posted your question, members will be able to vote using emoji reactions.

Tip: Holding Shift and pressing Enter will create a new line in your message without posting it in channel. Learn more about formatting your messages


Use reminders for recurring polls

If you need to hold a poll on a regular basis, setting a recurring reminder in a channel could be just the thing for you.

Use the /remind command to set the reminder from anywhere in Slack, e.g. /remind #team-lunch to vote for 🍣 | 🍕 | 🌮 every Tuesday at 11:45


Try a polling app

If you’d like to add a polling app to your workspace, search for polls or votes in Slack’s App Directory. With many of these apps, you can create new polls by entering a basic /poll slash command.

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