Claim domains for your organization

With Slack Enterprise Grid, make it easier for members to find and join workspaces on your organization by claiming or whitelisting additional domains.

Bonus: Domain whitelisting helps prevent unsanctioned workspaces from cropping up outside your grid.

Claim your organization's domains

Claiming domains is easy! Simply contact us and let us know which additional domains you'd like to add to your organization’s whitelist. 🏁

When a person tries to create a new workspace using a domain you’ve already claimed, they will see one of two messages:

  • Your organization is already using Slack
    The person can sign in with SSO to create an account on your organization.
  • Only Org Admins can create new workspaces on your organization
    The person will need to contact an Org Admin for help creating a workspace on your organization.

Note: To remove domains you no longer need, send us a note. We’d be happy to help.

Non-Enterprise workspaces: On the Standard or Plus plan with G Suite SSO set up, whitelist additional domains to let people from other companies join your workspace. Tell us which ones you'd like to add.

Who can use this feature?
  • Organization Owners can access this feature.
  • Available on Slack Enterprise Grid.

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