Manage team discovery and access

The idea that people in your company can effortlessly discover and join teams connected to your Enterprise organization is a powerful one.

Sound interesting? Make it possible by choosing a Team Access preference. 

Find the right level of discovery

Team Owners can choose between three levels:

  • Discoverable and open to join
    Open teams are visible and can be joined by any member of your organization. 
  • Discoverable, but new members must ask for permission to join
    Requests to join will be sent to a channel of your choice, and all members in that channel can grant approval.
  • Unlisted
    Unlisted teams are hidden from members of your organization. New members must be invited by a Team Owner or Admin. 

Set your team's discoverability preference

From a Slack team:
  1. Click your team name to open the Team Menu.
  2. Hover over Administration, then click Team settings. This will open your team site. 
  3. Click to expand Team Access.
  4. Choose how people can find and join the team. 
  5. Click Save

Here's how it will look for members of your organization:

Tip: Make it easier for people in your organization to find the right team by adding a helpful description. From Team settings, click Change Team Info.

Note: Members can visit Discover and join teams on your organization for more on accessing teams on Slack Enterprise Grid.

Approve a request to join

If members of your organization need to ask for approval prior to joining a team, their request is sent to the channel you specified along with your Team Access preference. 

Any person in that channel can approve the new request. To approve or deny it, simply click Add to Team or Don't Add to Team.

Who can use this feature?
  • Team Owners can access this feature.
  • Available on Slack for Enterprise.

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