About our support for browsers and operating systems

Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

You can see the full list of supported browsers and operating systems at Slack apps for computers, phones, and tablets.

Why have you stopped supporting my browser or operating system?

We’ve narrowed down our set of supported browsers and operating systems so we can deliver a better experience in Slack. When we spend extra time supporting a wider range of browsers and operating systems, as well as the older versions, we take time away from working on the features that make Slack better. Despite the benefits, this wasn’t an easy decision for us. We know it’s disruptive to your work, and we’re very sorry about the hassle.

Why block browsers instead of just making it clear they aren’t supported?

We want you to have the best experience of Slack that you possibly can. If we aren’t actively fixing issues or bugs in these browsers, your experience will suffer and we want to avoid that completely.

Opera is based on Chrome, and Chrome is supported. So why block Opera?

While Opera is based on Chrome, there are differences that add complexity when it comes to supporting it. We’re committed to delivering the best possible experience in Slack, so we’ve needed to make some tough choices about supporting fewer browsers. 

Why do I need to upgrade my Mac’s operating system if I use Slack in a browser?

We are committed to making Slack run faster and more reliably than it has in the past. To do so, we need to take advantage of newer technologies that browser makers have developed. Unfortunately, these updates are only included in the latest versions of browsers. Older versions of the Mac operating system (anything older than 10.9) do not support these newer browser versions. Because of the need for better performance in the app, and the limitations of browser makers regarding the technologies they support, you’ll need to update your operating system to keep using Slack in the browser.

I’m an admin and need to manage something for my team, but I’m not able to update Slack right now. What can I do? 

The administrative views, being far simpler than the team messaging view, are still functional in the vast majority of browsers. You can handle administrative tasks for your team (like Billing and Settings) in your browser, even if Slack doesn’t support that browser for sending and receiving messages.

Thanks for reading. We’re glad you’re here. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at feedback@slack.com.

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