Support for browsers and operating systems

For the best Slack experience, you'll want to make sure you're using a supported browser and operating system (OS). We've bundled together some helpful information about browsers and OS, so read on to learn more. 

Supported browsers & OS

Check out our full list of supported browsers and operating systems. Simply locate your app and review the technical requirements.

Unsupported browsers & OS

By keeping our list of supported browsers and operating systems short, we can focus on delivering the best experience in Slack. Supporting a wide range of technical requirements takes time away from improving the features that make Slack better. 

A note about Opera: While it's based on Chrome, there are some complexities that make this browser difficult to support. For that reason, we made a tough call to no longer support it.

Mac OS

Even if you use Slack in a browser, you'll need to make sure your Mac OS is up-to-date. This is so that you can get the latest Slack updates. 

We're committed to making Slack run faster and more reliably in the browsers we support. To do this, we're taking advantage of newer technologies created by browser makers. This means we make Slack improvements in the most recent versions of a browser.

When it comes to your Mac's OS, older versions (below 10.9) don't support newer browser versions. Because of this, you'll need to update your OS to get the latest Slack updates. 

Blocked browsers

When a browser is no longer supported, we stop fixing pesky bugs and issues. For a customer, that could be a terrible Slack experience! We do our best to avoid that scenario by blocking unsupported browsers from accessing Slack.


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