Read your personalized message highlights

Slack will predict and highlight messages that matter most to you, based on your interactions with people, channels, files, and apps. Highlighted messages appear within the channels you've joined. They'll also be summarized in your all unreads view.

Why read personalized highlights?

  • See what's happening across all your channels in your all unreads view.
  • Focus on the most important messages in your most frequented channels.
  • Catch up on missed activity in Slack, no matter how long you've been away.

Don't forget! To see your personalized message highlights, you’ll need to turn on the all unreads view.

View highlighted messages in All Unreads

To see your top 10 highlighted messages, click All Unreads in the left sidebar. This list will refresh every 10 minutes throughout the day. 

Highlighted messages are pulled from the channels you’ve joined and sorted by importance: messages from your starred channels will appear at the top. You can skim through each highlight or click one to jump to the message in channel.


See highlighted messages in channel

As you scroll through a channel’s history, you'll see your highlighted messages flagged with a pale yellow background.


Note: Your highlights only appear in channels with activity you haven’t read, so you won’t see any in channels where you’re all caught up.

Improve your highlights

As you use Slack, highlights will become better tailored to you over time. It’s also easy to let Slack know when a highlight is useful or has completely missed the mark. At the bottom of each highlight, click the  thumbs up or  thumbs down icon to provide feedback.

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