Use highlights in Slack

When you have a lot to read in Slack, find the information that's most important by using highlights in the desktop app.

With highlights, using your individual activity, Slack can automatically flag messages for you in-channel and create a summary in your all unreads. With channel highlights (located in the channel details pane), you can get a high-level overview of any channel's major activity. ✨



Use highlights to find what you need, lickety-split! Uncover important conversations in your all unreads or skim for key messages in your channels.

Here's how they work:

  • You'll need to turn on the all unreads view to see your personalized highlights.💡
  • Each highlight is unique to you and based on the people, channels, and apps you interact with on a regular basis.
  • To help fine-tune what you see in the future, leave feedback when highlights meet the mark (or don’t) so the feature can adjust. 

Catch up on highlights in All Unreads 

You can find up to 10 of your top highlights together in the all unreads view. Highlights refresh every 10 minutes throughout the day, and they're sorted by what’s important, starting with messages from starred channels at the top. 


To leave feedback, click the  thumbs up or  thumbs down icon in the bottom right. Click Dismiss to remove it from the summary.

Remember: You must have your all unreads view turned on to see your highlights. Read view all your unread messages for more.  

Skim highlights in channel

As you scroll through a channel’s history, you'll find messages that have been selected for your highlights displayed with a pale yellow background. 


Is the highlight relevant to you? Hover over the highlighted message, then click the  thumbs up or  thumbs down icon to help Slack know what's important to you.

Tip: Highlights are only displayed in channels you need to catch up on. If you’ve already read a channel, you won’t see highlighted messages.


Channel highlights

Whether you've been away from Slack and need to get up to speed, or you're new to a channel and want to know more, channel highlights provide a high-level overview of anything you've missed. You'll be able to catch up in no time! 

Unlike your personal highlights, channel highlights aren’t based on your individual activity — instead, they're based on the activity that's occurred in the channel. Channel highlights are also persistent: for applicable channels, you’ll be able to see the highlights regardless if you’re all caught up on activity or not.

Here’s how they work:

  • They’ll appear in the channel details pane. Simply click the   Show Channel Details icon.
  • You’ll only see them in channels with more than 5 members and if more than 50 messages have been sent.
  • You’ll see highlights from as recent as this week up until 6 months ago.
Who can use this feature?
  • All members can access this feature. 
  • Available to workspaces on paid plans.

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