OneDrive for Slack

OneDrive is Microsoft’s solution for hosting and managing all of your files in the cloud. Sharing your OneDrive files in Slack brings your team’s conversations and content together in one convenient place. Best of all, the files you share in Slack will be fully searchable.


Connect OneDrive to Slack

You can connect OneDrive to Slack in two easy ways: either paste a OneDrive link in any Slack channel or add the OneDrive app to your Slack team. 

Before you connect OneDrive to Slack, check out the tips below to help you get started:

Connection tips

  • Only a single OneDrive account can be authorized per Slack team member. 
  • The OneDrive app for Slack works with the following types of accounts: non-Enterprise Microsoft accounts and Office 365 accounts (including SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business)
  • The OneDrive app for Slack doesn't yet support on-premises SharePoint installations.

Paste a OneDrive link in Slack

It's easy! Simply paste a link to a OneDrive file you’d like to share in the message box and hit Enter. Slackbot will guide you through the quick process of giving Slack permission to read the file. (If you click Yes, you'll only have to do this once.)


Once you've given Slack permission to read the file, Slack will display a file preview in your message and index the file for search.

Install the OneDrive app

If you don’t have a file to share immediately, you can still connect the OneDrive app to Slack. Here's how: 

  1. Visit the OneDrive app page in Slack's app directory.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Click Authenticate your OneDrive account.
  4. Sign in to OneDrive and click Accept to authenticate with Slack.



Share files from OneDrive

Paste a link (or two, or three, or as many as you’d like!) to the OneDrive file you wish to share in a Slack message. After you send your message, the linked files will expand to show the file type and origin. Only the files you choose to share will be searchable in Slack. If you have files on OneDrive that you haven’t shared in Slack, those will not be searchable.


Note: Imported files are searchable and shareable, but will not be stored in Slack or take up file storage space on your team — they'll continue to be stored in OneDrive.

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