Message, file storage, and app limits on the Free plan

You can use Slack on our Free plan for as long as you'd like, but there are a few usage limits to consider:

  • Message visibility
    Only the most recent 10,000 messages will be viewable and searchable.
  • File storage
    When a workspace passes the 5GB file storage limit, Slack will archive older files as new files are uploaded.
  • Apps
    Free workspaces can support up to 10 third-party or custom apps.

Tip: Upgrading to a paid plan will remove message and app limits, and increase your workspace's file storage limit. Learn more about our paid plans here.

Note: Deleted messages and files do not count towards these limits.


Message visibility limit

Members can send unlimited messages in Slack, but only the most recent 10,000 will be searchable and viewable in your workspace.

If your workspace exceeds the message visibility limit, that's okay! Members can continue to send messages, but older messages will be archived. If you upgrade your workspace to a paid plan, all archived messages will become available again.

What counts as a message

Anything typed into the message field and sent counts as a message. A one-word message (or even a single emoji) is counted the same as a 500 word multi-paragraph message.

Links, snippets, posts, uploaded files, replies in a thread, messages in archived channels, and messages from bot users all count towards your workspace's total number of messages sent.


File storage limit

On the Free plan, workspaces have up to 5GB of file storage available. Anything uploaded to a channel or a direct message, e.g. PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, audio and video files, counts towards this limit.

If your workspace reaches the limit, members can continue to upload files, but Slack will start archiving the oldest files to make room for new ones. Members won't be able to view archived files in channels, direct messages, or search results.

Like messages, archived files will immediately become available again if you upgrade to a paid planAfter upgrading, file storage limits are determined by the total number of members (including Multi-Channel Guests) in your workspace:

  • Standard plan — 10GB per member
  • Plus plan — 20GB per member

Note: Files shared via apps (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) do not count towards the file storage limit.

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