Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) — also known as Mobile Device Management — gives organizations control over how their company data is used and accessed on mobile devices.


1. Choose an EMM provider

First, connect with a Slack for EMM provider to learn more and set up your account. We work with several EMM providers like AirWatch, MobileIron, and Blackberry to verify our services are compatible.

Tip: Check out the mobile device requirements for Slack for EMM.


2. Turn on EMM

Next, contact our support team and let us know if you’d like to activate or change your mobile security settings for your organization.

We can help with setting up mobile security, but here’s the information we’ll need from you first:

🔏  Choose who is affected

Only members using approved devices will be able to access your organization's workspaces. You can choose who is affected:

  • All members, excluding guests, will be required to update to the Slack for EMM app. Guests can still sign in from any device.
  • All members will be required to update to the Slack for EMM app and must use an approved device to access Slack.

✍🏼  Customize your message

Once turned on, affected members will have 72 hours to switch to the Slack for EMM app before they are signed out on mobile.

Members will receive an email (as well as a Slackbot message) with details of what to expect:

  • A message to explain that their company has upgraded their mobile security.
  • The date and time when members will only be able to access Slack on approved devices, using the Slack for EMM app.
  • Details on how to access the Slack for EMM app, and instructions on how to install it.

You can include a custom message with information such as links to an internal guide, or an email address or channel to contact your company’s helpdesk.

Tip: Even though members have 72 hours to switch, you should communicate these changes before turning on EMM.

What members can expect

Switching to the Slack for EMM app

Once installed, members can sign in using their single sign-on credentials. Members can still use the regular Slack app, but not for the Enterprise Grid organization that requires EMM.

Access from an unauthorized device

Members attempting to sign in to your Enterprise Grid organization will see a screen letting them know they need to use an approved device.

Slack will send the member an email with instructions from the custom message that you provided in the step above.

Note: With Slack for EMM, you can restrict members from copying messages and images, and pasting them outside of the app.

Who can use this feature?
  • Org Owners and Org Admins 
  • Available on the Enterprise Grid plan

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