Slack for recruitment

Building a dream team means balancing priorities, people, and lots of paperwork. That's why recruiters use Slack: it means information about open roles and potential candidates is quickly accessible and easily shareable. The increased visibility streamlines hiring decisions and keeps your whole search committee in the loop.

Why use Slack for recruiting?

  • Gather all communications about hiring in one searchable place.
  • Track candidates as they progress through the interview process.
  • Keep turnaround and feedback loops tight by using dedicated channels.
  • Increase transparency around job openings and new hires.


Make a hiring plan

Align your search committee by creating a #hiring-[job title] channel to keep everyone involved in hiring on track and up to speed. You can pin the job listing to the channel details pane, and mention the lead recruiter, deadlines, or any important info in the channel purpose.


This channel will be where the game plan for that specific opening will be shared and discussed. Keeping decisions about the hiring in one up-to-date, transparent place helps to ensure you're all working towards the same goal. Some helpful actions to take in this channel include:

  • Deciding how the role will be advertised
  • Assigning tasks and setting reminders
  • Pinning interview notes and feedback
  • Integrating third-party apps to post updates
  • Allowing internal folks to make referrals
  • Monitoring social interactions with job postings


Simplify job posting

Create a #hiring-job-listings channel for department heads to share their job listings with recruiters. Invite your whole recruiting team and any HR, finance, or executive folks involved in hiring. Create a system with emoji reactions to let the channel know when a listing is reviewed, approved, and published.  


Integrate apps like Greenhouse or Hired to publish listings directly from Slack. With these apps, you can also choose to receive Slack notifications for referrals, new applicants, or when listings are updated.


Consolidate applicant info

By installing a third-party app like Teamtailor, you can pull your incoming applications directly into Slack as they’re submitted. Create a #hiring-applications channel to see all the applicants as they roll in. Or, if you’re a larger organization hiring for several positions, create a specific #applications-[job title] channel for each opening.


Others in the channel will also be able to post reactions and comment on any candidate, so your team can quickly and efficiently decide who to move forward with.


Track candidate progress

Add a private  interview-[candidate name] channel for each applicant who makes it past your screening process to easily track their progress. Here you can pin the candidate’s resume, schedule the onsite, develop questions and assign interviewers, and even coordinate your post-interview review. Making the channel private protects candidate privacy and keeps lengthy deliberations from cluttering a public conversation.


You can also create an  offer-[candidate name] channel and a public #hiring-approval channel to easily confirm hiring decisions and update your team if and when a candidate becomes a new hire.

Tip: Once your openings are filled, archive the related #applications,  interview &  offer channels to keep Slack organized.  


Coordinate the new hire handoff

Once a new employee accepts their offer, have your HR reps invite them to a private  new-hires-[date] channel. Your human resources team can initiate onboarding from here: learn more about using Slack for human resources.


Slack apps for Recruiters

Hello Talent

With Hello Talent, recruiters can organize potential candidate profiles into talent pools, then quickly share and review their credentials with the rest of your team. Use the Slack integration to receive notifications whenever candidates are added to your pool, their status changes, or they are assigned to a recruiter, ensuring everyone on your team is working together effectively.  



Connect Slack with Recruitee to receive real-time updates on your recruitment team’s activity. Customize your notifications to see when candidates progress or drop-off the hiring pipeline, and feed important notes and reviews right into the channel of your choice.


💡  Explore more apps for Recruiting in our App Directory.


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