Working in Slack

Many of your daily tasks can be made easier with Slack. We’ll cover some common work-related tasks and maybe introduce a little magic along the way. ✨

What you'll learn:

  • How to organize a to-do list
  • Ways to host meetings
  • Opportunities to connect and share info
  • Strategies to reduce distractions

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Organize a to-do list

Consider retiring your pencil and paper — there are a number of ways you can organize tasks in Slack! From posts, to pins, to stars, or even dedicated #to-do channels — we’ve got lots of options.


If you’re looking for a more robust task management tool, try one of the many task management apps, such as Wunderlist, in Slack’s App Directory.

💡  Discover more about managing to-do lists in Slack.

Host meetings

Whether they’re happening in person, over the phone, or in a channel, Slack makes it easy to host a meeting. Below are a few tips and tools to help your meetings flow seamlessly.

⏰  Skip recurring meetings.

If you attend a lot of meetings each week, you know how challenging it can be to find time — and even space — for a group to meet. Try hosting some of your routine standups or check-ins in Slack and skip the organizational scramble.

Here’s an example: ask Slackbot to remind the #marketing-team channel to share their project updates at the start of each week. Simply enter /remind #marketing-team to share weekly project updates on Mondays at 10 am in the message field and send. Time saved!


📓  Record and save meeting notes.

Posts work great for recording meeting notes: others can add to your notes, and because they’re saved in Slack, they can be easily referenced at a later date.


🌏  Meet with remote folks.

Sometimes you can’t get everyone in one place, and that’s ok. With voice and video calls in Slack, you can still get in touch with the right people, no matter where they are in the world. Workspaces on paid plans can accommodate group calls of up to 15 participants, while workspaces on any plan can make one-to-one calls with a single teammate.  

🗓  Keep up with your agenda.

Reminders help the workday go ‘round, especially when meetings are concerned. Get meeting and event reminders in Slack and stay one step ahead of your agenda. Make sure to read Manage Calendars below to learn more.


Connect and share

Transparent communication in Slack keeps your workplace inclusive and helps people stay connected to each other and the company’s mission. Below are some foolproof strategies to help open communication thrive within your Slack workspace.

📢  Make use of the #general channel.

In Slack, everyone is required to be a member of the #general channel, making it a great place for sharing company-wide updates or announcements. To help keep the noise down to a minimum, Workspace Owners can even limit who can post in #general. With fewer distractions, it’s easy for everyone at the company to know what information matters most.

👥  Share updates and info in public channels.

Communicating in public channels makes information accessible, and that’s great for teams and departments that want to provide visibility into their work. Teams can create their own channels to share what they’re working on and any updates or announcements. People around the company can join the channels that are relevant to their work, or they can simply pop in at their leisure to learn what other teams are up to.

Tip: Public channels are easy to spot! They each have a  in front of their names.

🎤  Encourage employee engagement.

Sharing feedback – or trying to figure out how to get feedback from others – can be daunting. People want to express ideas and be heard, so why not provide a safe space for employee engagement? Public “ask-me-anything” channels in Slack can serve as forums for conversations and Q&A between leaders and employees. Go forth and keep those feedback loops tight!

📞  Connect with your team.

Whether your company has 5 or 500,000 employees, people do their best work when they’re connected. As a company continues to grow, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with teammates in another country, city, office, let alone floor! With channels and direct messages, Slack makes it possible to connect with your teammates, no matter where they are in the world or within the company. And because sometimes ideas happen out loud, you can call your teammates right from Slack to talk things through — video included!

Tip: If you need to call the attention of someone specific in any channel, type @ followed by their display name to send them a notification. We call this an @-mention.

Reduce distractions

By bringing more of your work into Slack, you can spend less time juggling and jumping between tools. The fewer distractions you’re faced with throughout the day, the more you can focus on work that matters.

📬  Manage emails

On top of everything else you do in a workday, managing your inbox can be a full-time job. Using an email app from Slack’s app directory, you can get your email under control without ever having to leave Slack:

  • Send and read personal emails in a private channel.
  • Use slash commands to fire off emails.
  • Create a team-wide inbox in a Sales channel.
  • Manage feedback and support questions from your customers.
  • View email notifications and alerts from any service.

💡  Check out the App Directory for more email-wrangling options.

📅  Manage calendars

With a number of third-party apps to choose from (like Google Calendar), connecting your calendar to Slack can help you productively navigate a busy schedule. Send meeting and event reminders to yourself or to targeted channels so you never have to miss an important event again.

Notifications for calendar events will appear when and where you want them. Members in the same channel can easily click or expand reminders for more options and information.

💡  Visit Slack’s App Directory to browse all the available calendar apps.

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