Manage shared channels on Enterprise Grid

Org Owners and Admins can decide who can manage shared channels in an organization. Members with this permission can do the following:

  • Create a new shared channel
  • Share an existing channel with another workspace
  • Modify who can post in a shared channel

Set shared channel permissions

Org Owners and Admins can choose who can create, modify, or convert shared channels.

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Click Administration, then choose Organization settings from the menu.
  3. Click  Settings on the Admin Dashboard.
  4. Click Shared Channel Settings, then choose who can manage shared channels.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Note: Shared channels can only be changed from public to private by an Org Owner or Admin.

Choose who can post in a shared channel

If you have permission to modify shared channels, you can decide who can post in a specific channel:

  1. Open a shared channel.
  2. Click the   gear icon to open the Channel Settings menu.
  3. Select Additional options.
  4. Under Manage posting permissions, choose who can post in the shared channel.
  5. Click Review, then Set posting permissions.

💡 Learn how to Create a shared channel on Enterprise Grid.

Note: It's not currently possible to set posting permissions on non-shared channels. 

Apps and bots: Some apps and custom bots may not be available in shared channels. Get in touch with us for more information — we're happy to help! 

Who can use this feature?
  • Org Owners and Org Admins
  • Available on the Slack Enterprise Grid plan

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