Failed payments

We understand that payments can fail for a number of reasons. If there’s ever an issue with completing a payment, we’ll immediately email the Team Owner and any billing contacts.


What to expect

We hope that you’re able to resolve payment issues quickly, but here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect if not:

After 7 days If a full week passes and we’re still unable to process a payment, we’ll reach out to Team Admins in addition to the Team Owner and billing contacts. We know that not all Team Owners pay the bills, which is why we notify Admins and billing contacts too.
After 14 days We’ll send another reminder to the same folks (Team Owners, billing contacts, and Admins) just in case there’s still an issue.
After 21 days We’ll reach out to the Team Owner and billing contacts again. Slackbot will also let members know their team will be moving to the Free plan and the date they can expect the downgrade to happen.
After 28 days The team will be downgraded to the Free plan. 


Update your payment method

If you've run into a payment issue, Team Owners can update their team's payment method from the Billing page. For more information, learn how to change your payment method


Get help

If you have any questions about a failed payment, please get in touch with us — we’re here to help! You can email or at any time.

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