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May 2017

Preview GDrive files in channel
Links to GDrive files — whether docs, spreadsheets, or slideshows — expand in channel, giving a clearer (and more useful) glimpse of what's inside. Read our blog post for more.


Share your screen directly from Slack
From a Slack call, press the    share screen icon to present all of your hard work to teammates. Learn more about making calls (and sharing your screen)!



Relevant conversations and channels
To help you find answers to questions faster, we highlight specific people and channels that are most relevant to what you’re searching for. See how it works!


Set a deactivation time for Guest accounts
Manage Guest accounts on your team efficiently with more control over how long they’ll have access to your team. Learn more.

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April 2017

Better mobile message input
On iOS and Android devices, we’ve made sending messages and sharing files and photos easier when you’re on the move.


Better guest management on Enterprise Grid
On Slack Enterprise Grid, Guests can be converted to regular members through the Admin Dashboard. Learn more.


Updates to our set of supported browser and operating systems
To deliver a better experience in Slack we’ve focused our efforts on a smaller set of supported browsers and operating systems. Learn more.


Add a custom status

Whether you’re going on vacation or working remotely, let your teammates know what you’re up to. 🌴  Pop over to the Help Center article for the details.


こんにちは! Introducing the Japanese Help Center
Slack’s Help Center is available in Japanese! Switch to the Japanese Help Center.


Interactive message menus in apps
Building an app for Slack? Along with buttons, apps can include drop down menus offering members a list of options to choose from.  Learn more.


We've added international billing currencies
In addition to US Dollars, Slack pricing is offered in British Pound, Euro, and Japanese Yen. Learn more.


Share files from your Google Team Drive
For teams using the Google Drive app, share, expand, search, and preview files shared from your Team Drive in Slack. Learn more.


Safe browsing
At Slack, safety and security is paramount. We’ve added an extra layer of protection to identify potentially unsafe websites or malicious links. Learn more.

March 2017

Request a new workspace on Enterprise Grid
With the preference turned on, members on Enterprise Grid can easily request to add a new workspace to your organization. Learn more.

Move channels between teams
Move channels between any team or workspace connected to a Slack Enterprise Grid org. Learn more.

International channel names
Channel names can now include a much broader set of characters and accents. Any #fans-of-crème-brûlée out there?  


Hallo, German Help Center
Slack’s Help Center is now available in German with additional languages to follow. Switch to the German Help Center. 🇩🇪 

Internal Integrations
We've improved support for teams interested in building internal integrations using our APIs. Learn more.

Manage team discovery and access
We've improved support for teams interested in building internal integrations using our APIs. Learn more.

February 2017

Test mode for SSO configuration

Setting up single sign-on has never been easier. Test your configuration safely and make adjustments before putting changes into effect. Learn more.


Inline WebM videos

Give it a try! Share any .webm file in Slack and it watch it magically play inline. 🎬


DLP and eDiscovery support

Slack Enterprise Grid customers in regulated industries can benefit from our DLP and eDiscovery support to become HIPAA and FINRA compliant. Learn more.


Bonjour, French Help Center

Slack’s Help Center is now available in French with additional languages to follow. Switch to the French Help Center.

January 2017

Domain whitelisting

Slack Enterprise Grid customers can claim or whitelist their company's additional domains to help reduce the number of unsanctioned teams outside of the organization. Learn more.


Message threads! We launched ‘em.

Keep conversations in your team’s channels clean and tidy with threaded messages. Visit our Help Center to learn more.


UI zoom and channel details pane refresh

We’ve improved the way Slack looks when zoomed in at higher levels. Along with updates to the channel details pane design, these design improvements will make messages in Slack easier to read. 🐻


Slack app available in the Windows Store

Download the Slack app right from the Windows Store. Featuring live tile notifications and better integration with Microsoft’s IT management tools for enterprises.

App Release Notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
Mac | Windows | Linux | iOS | Android | Windows Phone Beta  

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