Roles and permissions in Slack

Every member of a Slack workspace has a role, each with its own level of permissions and access. Visit your Workspace Directory to see who's who. 🏷

Types of roles in Slack

  • Workspace Owners control the highest-level security and administrative settings, but only the Primary Owner (usually the person who created the workspace) has the ability to delete it.
  • Workspace Admins can manage members, public channels, and maintenance tasks or functions. 
  • Members (the default role for everyone) have access to all public channels in your workspace. 
  • Multi-Channel Guests can only access channels they've been given permission to use. They can start a direct message with people in those channels.
  • Single-Channel Guests can only access the one channel they've been assigned to. They can start a direct message with people in that channel.

On the Slack Enterprise Grid plan? There are two additional roles you should know about: Org Owners and Org Admins. They manage all workspaces (and people!) connected to their Enterprise Grid. Visit Roles and permissions on an organization


Messages and files

Read the tables below to see more of what each role can do!

 ✓ Available by default
✦ Only available if a Workspace Owner changes the default setting
✷ Only available to the Workspace Primary Owner

  Owner Admin Member Multi-Channel Single-Channel
Join any public channel    
Send messages in a channel
Upload files
Delete your own messages  ✷  ✷


Channel management

  Owner Admin Member Multi-Channel Single-Channel
Create a channel  ✓    
Create a shared channel  ✓       
Create a private shared channel  ✓       
Archive a channel    
Create a private channel  
Make a public channel private      
Rename a channel      
Delete a channel      
Set channel retention        
Set private channel retention  ✓   ✓     


Workspace management

  Owner Admin Member Multi-Channel Single-Channel
Remove people from channels    
Remove people from private channels    
Invite Guests to a public channel  ✓      
Invite a Multi-Channel Guest to a private channel  ✓   ✓  ✓ ✓   
Invite a Single-Channel Guest to a private channel  ✓   ✓      
Delete other people's messages  ✓      
Invite new members  ✓ ✷     
Invite new Guest members  ✓      
Deactivate a member's account  ✓      
Promote a Workspace Admin  ✓      
Demote a Workspace Admin        
Promote a Workspace Owner        
Demote a Workspace Owner        


Workspace settings

  Owner Admin Member Multi-Channel Single-Channel
Set default channels      
Set discovery and sign up        
Set name display guidelines        
Set workspace language        
Change workspace name/URL        
Reset all members' passwords        
Create and edit user groups ✷     



  Owner Admin Member Multi-Channel Single-Channel
View analytics and usage    
Change full & display names*      
Change an email address*  ✓   ✓       
Upgrade to a paid plan  ✓  ✓     
Change your workspace's plan**        
Add a payment method**  ✓        
View billing statements        
Choose authentication method  ✓       
Transfer primary ownership        
Delete workspace        

* Only available when your workspace has upgraded to a paid plan.
** Only Workspace Owners and whoever upgraded the workspace can make changes.

Apps, integrations, and gateways

  Owner Admin Member Multi-Channel Single-Channel
Turn on Approved Apps        
Add apps and integrations    
Connect XMPP/IRC Gateways    
Turn on XMPP/IRC Gateways        

Note: These permissions don't apply to bots. More information on bot users can be found on Slack API. 🤖

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