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Windows Phone

Invite new members to join your Slack workspace from the Invitations page. 

  1. Click your workspace name in the top left to open the menu. Team_Menu.png
  2. Select Invite people. Paid workspaces also have the option of inviting Multi-Channel or Single-Channel Guests.
  3. Enter the email address and full name of the person you'd like to invite.
  4. If you're sending more than one invitation, click Add another. You can also send invites in bulk by choosing Invite many people at once or by connecting your Google Contacts.
  5. Click Edit / add to adjust which channels these invitees will automatically join when they sign in to Slack for the first time.
  6. Click the Send Invitations button to send.

Tip: Workspaces on our paid plans have the option to add a custom message to their email invites. Just click the link to the left of Send Invitations.

  1. Swipe right to left to open the right sidebar.
  2. Tap Invite People.
  3. Enter the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite, then tap Send.
  1. Tap the   overflow icon in the top right.
  2. Tap Invite members.
  3. Enter the email address of people you’d like to invite, then tap Send.
The ability to send a new invitation from a Windows phone isn't currently available, but stay tuned for updates!

Note: Workspace Owners can allow non-admin members to send invitations. This setting can be found on the Settings & Permissions page. 

Guest accounts

Workspace Owners and Admins on paid workspaces have the option to invite new members as a Multi-Channel or Single-Channel Guest.

To invite a new member with guest access, use the Invite Multi-Channel Guests or Invite Single-Channel Guests options on the Invitations page and follow the Desktop steps above.

If you'd like to invite them to a new channel, be sure to create that channel before sending the invitation.

Manage your invitations

Pending and accepted invitations for your workspace can be viewed online from the Invitations page. You can also resend or revoke an invitation when you click the name of the member you invited.


  • Revoke Invitation will remove it from your list and prevent any delivered invitations from being used.
  • Resend Invitation will deliver a fresh email invitation to the member's inbox, in case it expired or was lost.

Allow email signup

If email signup is enabled for your workspace, new members will be able to create an account on their own. Workspace Owners can manage this option online under Workspace Signup Mode on the Workspace Settings page.

For security, only those with access to an email address at the domains specified by the workspace's Owner will be able to create an account. We'll send a validation link to each new member's email address to verify their identity before they can create an account.


Invitation limits

Slack may limit members' ability to send more invitations if a large number has been sent but very few have been accepted.

If you're using Slack within a company setting and have reached a limit when inviting a large group of coworkers, please contact us.

If you're using Slack outside a company setting, you can avoid hitting the limit by only sending invitations to people who have asked to join your workspace. 

Please do not revoke invitations in an attempt to lift the limit. Invitation limits are not affected by revoked invitations. They are based solely on the acceptance rate of invitations that have already been sent.

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, Workspace Owners and Admins can invite new members.
  • Available to workspaces on the free and paid plans. 

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