Leave a channel

Just as you can freely browse and join channels, you can also choose to leave them, or come and go as needed. 




Windows Phone

  1. Click the gear icon  to open the Channel Settings menu.
  2. Select Leave channel. Or, use the slash command /leave.Leave_a_channel.png
  1. Tap the channel name in the header to view the channel details menu.
  2. Tap Leave ChannelOr, use the slash command /leave.
  1. Tap the channel name in the header to view the channel details menu.
  2. Tap Leave. Using the slash command /leave works, too! 
  1. Tap the  Menu icon in the top right to open the channel list. 
  2. Tap the channel you’d like to leave.
  3. Tap the channel name on the header to view the channel details menu.
  4. Tap Leave. Or, try the slash command /leave.

Note: You can leave any channel except #general. This is your one common channel where important information can be shared with all team members. (Keep in mind that #general may have been renamed.)


Leave a private channel

If you leave a private channel, you will lose access to the channel and its archives. The channel's messages and files will no longer appear in your search results. To rejoin a private channel, someone in that channel must re-invite you.

Guest accounts

Multi-Channel Guests

  • Multi-Channel Guests can leave private channels on their own, but they need to ask a Team Admin to remove them from any public channels they wish to leave.
  • If a Multi-Channel Guest decides to leave a channel, they cannot rejoin a channel on their own. They must be invited back to it.

Single-Channel Guests

  • Single-Channel Guests cannot leave the channel they are in. 
Who can use this feature?
  • All members can use this feature. 
  • Available to teams on free and paid plans.

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