Rename a channel

A channel's name gives people a better idea of what the channel is for. But, things can change, and so can channels. So, you can rename a channel at any time! 

Rename a channel



  1. Open the channel you'd like to rename.
  2. Click the  gear icon to open the Channel Settings menu.
  3. Select Additional options.
  4. Click Rename this channel.
  5. Enter a new name, then click Rename Channel.
Sorry, it isn't possible to rename a channel on our mobile apps. You can, however, edit the channel topic or purpose

Note: Channel names can have a maximum of 21 characters. Names must be lower case and can't contain spaces or periods.


Rename the #general channel

The #general channel is a special type of channel that every Slack workspace has.

Workspace Owners and Admins can change its name using the same instructions above. Keep in mind that the name "general" is reserved, so you won't be able to call another channel.

Who can use this feature?
  • Workspace Owners and Admins can rename public channels, and any private channels that they've joined. A member that created a channel can also rename it. 
  • Available on free and paid plans.

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