Guide to Slack notifications

Slack can send you notifications about items that need your attention, even when you're on the go.

How Slack notifications work

Slack can send email and mobile notifications when you're away from the app, and desktop notifications when you're viewing a different workspace, or working in another application.

By default, you'll be notified every time something gets posted to Slack while you’re away. You can adjust your settings to only receive notifications when your attention is needed, like when someone says your name, sends you a direct message, or uses one of your keywords.

Notification settings can be changed at any time on the Notifications page.

Note: Badges will also appear in the channel list when you've been mentioned by a teammate. 


Get started with notifications

Visit these pages for more details and help getting started:

Desktop notifications
Pop-up notifications on your computer

Mobile push notifications
Updates sent to your iOS or Android device

Email notifications
Mentions and direct messages sent to your inbox

Trouble receiving emails from Slack
General tips and troubleshooting

You can also customize your notifications with these options:

App icon notifications
Activity badges on your desktop app icon

Keyword notifications
Alerts for important words and phrases

Channel notification preferences
Adjust your preferences for specific channels

Mute a channel
Never be notified of unread activity or receive notifications for a channel

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