Set default channels for new members

If your team has selected default channels, new members will be automatically added to them when they sign in for the first time. 

This is especially important for teams that allow new members to join on their own with a team email address, since Admins don't have the ability to choose channels for new team members before they join the team.


Select default channels for your team

    1. Click your team name to open the Team Menu
    2. Select Team settings.
    3. Click expand under the Default Channels section.
    4. Start typing to specify channels for new members to join automatically by default.
    5. That's it!

Tip: Default channels can also be customized whenever you send an invite. Visit Invite new members to your Slack team for details.

Note: Note that all team members belong to #general and it cannot be removed from the list of default channels.

Who can use this feature?
  • Team Owners and Admins can access this feature. 
  • Available to teams on free and paid plans.

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