Owners and Administrators

As a Workspace Owner or Administrator, you can promote other members to help manage your workspace.

  • Owners can access high-level administrative features like billing, workspace authentication, access, security policies, and more.
  • Admins can manage members, channels, and handle other maintenance tasks.

💡  Visit Roles and permissions in Slack for a list of roles and what they can do.

Note: A Slack workspace can have only one Primary Owner. To change Primary Owner, see Transfer primary ownership of a workspace for details. 

Tip: To view a full list of Owners and Admins on your workspace, visit the Account page at my.slack.com/account/team.

Choose your Workspace Owners and Admins

Promoting trusted members to Owner and Admin roles can help with managing your Slack workspace. With more Owners and Admins you can share day-to-day tasks like sending invitations and managing channels.

You can have as many Owners and Admins on a workspace as you need.

Workspace Owners might include:

  • Founders and executives
  • Senior leadership
  • Heads of department like Engineering, IT or Human Resources

Admins could be:

  • Managers
  • Senior administrative staff
  • Project managers
  • IT engineers

Promote members

To learn how to promote a member to Owner or Admin, see Change a member's role.


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