Owners and Administrators

As a Team Owner or Administrator, you can promote other team members to help manage your Slack team.

  • Owners can access high-level administrative features like billing, team authentication, access, security policies, and more.
  • Admins can manage team members, channels, and handle other maintenance tasks.

💡  Visit Roles and permissions in Slack for a list of roles and what they can do.

Note: A Slack team can have only one Primary Owner. To change Primary Owner, see Transfer primary ownership of a team for details. 

Tip: To view a full list of Owners and Admins on your team, visit the Account page at my.slack.com/account/team.

Choose your Team Owners and Admins

Promoting trusted team members to Owner and Admin roles can help with managing your Slack team. With more Owners and Admins you can share day-to-day tasks like sending invitations and managing channels.

You can have as many Owners and Admins on a team as you need.

Team Owners might include:

  • Founders and executives
  • Senior leadership
  • Heads of department like Engineering, IT or Human Resources

Admins could be:

  • Managers
  • Senior administrative staff
  • Project managers
  • IT engineers

Promote team members

To learn how to promote a team member to Owner or Admin, see Change a team member's role.


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