Make an announcement

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members except for Guests can use this feature.
  • Available to teams on free and paid plans.

Slack has several ways to send announcements, whether in a specific channel or for your entire team. Just type in the appropriate @mention with your message, then send.


The @here mention lets you notify just the team members in a channel who are currently active in Slack.

@here is best for sending announcements relevant to team members that are currently working or available.

@channel & @everyone

The @channel and @everyone mentions can be used to trigger desktop and push notifications for several team members at once.

  • @channel will send a notification to all team members in the channel where you post the message.
  • @everyone notifies every member of your team. This command can only be used in the team-wide channel (usually called #general).
  • Notifications will be sent to all team members in the channel whether they are active or away.

When you use one of these @mentions, Slack will confirm the number of people you’ll notify and how many time zones are affected before sending the message.

Use care: This warning will only appear for teams with more than 5 team members. And teams may choose to turn this warning off entirely.

Settings and permissions

Team Owners can change channel notification settings and permissions at under Messaging Restrictions.

Confirmation messages for @mentions can be turned on or off by Team Owners or Admins on the Team Settings page. Under the Permissions tab, click expand next to Message Restrictions for available options.

Note: If the use of @everyone is restricted to Team Owners and Admins only, then @channel and @here mentions in your team's #general channel can also only be used by Owners and Admins.

Bot messages

If you wish to trigger one of these notifications with a bot message, the message should contain <!channel> or <!everyone>.