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Need to notify a whole channel or entire workspace of your important news? Slack offers a few different @mentions you can use to make an announcement. 📣

Tip: To notify a specific group of members, try creating a user group. (Available on the Standard plan and above.) 


The @here mention notifies members in a channel who are active in Slack

@here is best for reaching members who are currently working or available.

@channel & @everyone

Using @channel and @everyone notifies all members in the channel, whether they are active or away.

  • @everyone notifies every member of the team-wide channel (which starts as #general). This command can only be used in the team-wide channel, and Guests will only be notified if they have been invited to join.
  • @channel notifies all members of the channel where you post the message.
  • Both @mentions will trigger desktop and mobile alert for all channel members.

When you use these @mentions in a channel with at least six members, Slack will first confirm the number of people you’ll notify and their time zones. Workspace Owners can choose to turn this warning off.

Bot messages: To notify members with a bot message, the message must contain <!channel> or <!everyone>.

Settings and permissions

By default, all members can use @channel and @here mentions. Workspace Owners can always change this setting.

On the Enterprise Grid plan, @mentions work differently for large channels. In channels with more than 1,000 members, only Workspace Owners and Admins can use @channel and @here.

Note: Your workspace may limit the use of @everyone to Owners and Admins only. If so, only owners and admins can use @channel and @here in the #general channel.


Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members except for Guests can use this feature.
  • Available on free and paid plans.

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