Slackbot: personal assistant and helpful bot

Slackbot is your very own friendly, built-in bot — part-time programmer and full-time assistant — here to help you keep things in order. There are lots of things Slackbot can help you with. Here are some ideas! 💡✨

Complete your account profile and add new apps

You'll likely encounter Slackbot shortly after you start using Slack. By asking you just a few simple questions, Slackbot will help you fill out your profile on any Slack workspace you join.

Slackbot will also pop up whenever you set up a new app or service, like the first time you paste a Google Drive link into a channel or interact with an Asana task through the /asana command.


Get quick answers to your questions about Slack

Not sure how to do something in Slack? Simply ask Slackbot a question — or type in a keyword or two — and Slackbot will do its best to help.  If Slackbot doesn’t know the answer, it will suggest some articles from our Help Center.


Tip: Send yourself a direct message with notes and files that you’d like to keep private. That way, Slackbot won’t think you’re trying to ask for help. Visit Save private notes and files for more.


Add customized automatic responses

You can add unique words or phrases that  Slackbot will use to respond to your members. If your Admin has enabled this option, you can do this via the Customize Your Workspace page at

There are plenty of work-related uses for this (like adding a custom response for your office Wi-Fi password), but you can also use this feature to have some fun.

Enter a trigger word or phrase, followed by what you’d like Slackbot to respond with. If you want to randomize it, enter a variety of potential responses on new lines (as shown below). You can even use emoji or image links — images will expand inline when Slackbot responds. All of your created responses will be labeled as custom response in Slack.

Note: Custom Slackbot responses occur in channels and in your DMs to yourself — not in direct messages with other members. (That would be rude!)


Forward your personal emails to Slackbot

Members on paid workspaces can forward their emails to Slack, so you can stop monitoring your inbox. For more, visit Send emails to Slack.

Who can use this feature?
  • All members and Guests can access Slackbot, but Workspace Owners and Admins can choose to limit some features.
  • Available to workspaces on free and paid plans.

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