Add an app to your team

Slack is most useful when all your teammates, tools, and work are in one place. By adding apps to Slack, you can connect your most important tools, centralize all your work, and say goodbye to juggling all those windows. 


Browse for apps

There are two ways to browse for apps: in the App Directory or right in Slack.

Explore the Slack App Directory

The App Directory lists every app that can be integrated with Slack. No matter what your area or specialty, there’s an app to help make your work more pleasant, productive, and hopefully fun! Check out the Slack App Directory and start browsing. 🔍

To view the apps your team is already using, visit the Slack App Directory, and click Manage at the top right.

If your Team Owner has the Approved Apps feature enabled, click Approved for this Team (below Categories) to view a full list of apps members have permission to use.Screen_Shot_2017-07-07_at_3.23.09_PM__1_.png

Tip: The Slack App Directory is always just a click away — click your team name in the top-left corner to open the menu and choose Apps & integrations.

Discover apps in Slack

If you'd like to see the apps already in use by your team as well as discover new ones, there’s no need to even leave Slack. Simply click the  plus icon next to Apps in the left sidebar.Browse_Apps_2x.png

Any apps (with a bot) that you’ve installed to Slack will be listed at the bottom of your left sidebar under Apps.Messages_2x.png


Install apps

When you’ve found an app you’d like to add to Slack, simply click Install (if you’re browsing in Slack) or Request or Visit Site to Install in the App Directory. Follow the directions to get the app up and running.

Keep in mind: Anyone can build a Slack app, so only choose tools and services you trust. If you suspect that an app is in breach of our API terms and conditions, please let us know.

Tip: Look for the Add to Slack button on app pages in the App Directory to add your favorite ones in one click.


Request app approval

Team Owners and Team Admins have the ability to approve or restrict apps for their team.

Are you a Team Owner or Team Admin? Learn more about managing apps for your team.

If you’ve found an app that you’d like to use but it isn’t listed as approved for your team, here’s how you can request approval:

  1. Click the Request button to ask approval from a Team Admin.Screen_Shot_2017-07-07_at_11.56.58_AM__1_.png
  2. If you’d like, you can include a custom message with your request to install the app.
  3. When you’re ready, click Submit request.request.png


Tips for using apps

Apps can be built to do just about anything, so no two will work alike. These tips will help you make the most of the apps used by your team:

  • Keep the noise down. If an app posts a high volume of updates, consider creating a dedicated channel for the app. This will help keep other conversations and channels easy to follow.
  • Be the slash commander. Many apps include custom slash commands that can be used to perform certain tasks easily, right within Slack. Learn more about slash commands.
  • Get things done in one click. Some apps use Message Buttons which members can click to complete an action or interact with another tool.


Mute an app

Apps like Dropbox or Google Docs can be muted when you copy and paste a link from the service in a channel, and choose the option to Never import those files/links.

If you decide you want to import files from a muted service in the future, visit the Muted Integrations page and click Unmute.


Build an app

Are you interested in building a Slack app? Visit the Slack API site to get started. You can always drop us a line with questions, or simply let us know what you're up to — we'd love to hear from you. 🤗

Tip: If you’re building an app for Slack, you can add teammates as collaborators. They’ll be able to help build, manage, and update your app.

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members except for Guests can use this feature. 
  • Available to teams on free and paid plans.

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