Format your messages

Adding text formatting to your Slack messages is easy! Here's a handy selection of formatting options that you can use on desktop and mobile. 

The following formatting options work as described when using full-width (JP) input mode. When using half-width (EN) input mode, you'll need to add spaces before and after the formatting symbols.



To emphasize words or phrases, surround your text with *asterisks* to create bold text, or _underscores_ for italic text.   



Try using strikethrough to show corrections in your messages, or mark completed items on a to-do list. Surround your text with ~tildes~ to strike out. 


Note: Unfortunately, strikethrough does not work using full-width input mode.



To create a list, use Shift Enter to create new lines in your message, then add a number or a bullet (•) before each item.


Tip: To add a bullet point (•) from the comfort of your keyboard, try Option 8 on a Mac, or Alt 7 (using the number pad) on most Windows machines.



Add angle brackets to the beginning of your message to highlight text with an indented blockquote:

        > to blockquote one paragraph
        >>> to blockquote multiple paragraphs

Code blocks

To display a portion of text as fixed-width code, surround your text with backticks:

        `single backticks` display fixed-width text along with your other message text
        ```triple backticks``` create a block of pre-formatted, fixed-width text


Note: Other formatting like bold or italic text will not display in code blocks, and syntax highlighting isn’t supported. For enhanced code sharing, we suggest creating a snippet!


Bot message formatting

See the Message Formatting page in our API docs for details on formatting bot messages.

A note about Markdown

Though we understand many people would love to use Markdown in Slack messages, we have no plans to support it. Our message formatting is similar to other popular services and is intended for a majority of our users who are unfamiliar with Markdown. However, we'll keep it in mind for the future. 🔮

For more formatting options, try composing a post to share with other members

Note: Hyperlinking words and terms in a Slack message isn't supported — to include a URL, paste it into the message field. Visit Share links in Slack for more. 

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