Multi-Channel and Single-Channel Guests

Some members of your Slack team — like contractors, interns, or clients — may only need access to certain channels. These team members can be invited as a Multi-Channel or Single-Channel Guest.

Tip: Guests can join channels by invitation only, so access to other channels and information is limited.

How Guest accounts work:

  • Multi-Channel Guests are billed as regular team members, and can be added to unlimited channels.
  • Single-Channel Guests are free. You can add up to 5 Single-Channel Guests per paid member of your team.

Add a Guest to your team

Invite a new Guest

New Multi-Channel or Single-Channel Guests can be invited via the Invitations page. See Invite new members to your Slack team for details.

Change a team member’s role to Guest

Roles can be managed on the Team Members page. See Change a team member’s role for more.

Manage a Guest’s channels

  1. Click your team name to open the Team Menu.
  2. Select Manage team members.
  3. On the Team Members page, click the Guests tab.
  4. For a Single-Channel Guest, locate the team member and click their current channel to edit it.
  5. For Multi-Channel Guests, click the down arrow next to the team member. From there, click the plus icon  to add a channel, or click the icon  on one of their current channels to remove them from it.

Tip: Multi-Channel Guests have a  square activity indicator next to their names, while Single-Channel Guests have a  triangle icon.


Guest permissions

What can Guests do?

  • View message history and access files shared in the channel(s) they can access
  • See and direct message or group message team members who are in the same channel(s)*
  • See other team members and their profile information

Guests can also take the following actions, unless a Team Owner has limited it to just certain team members:

  • Make @channel, @here and @everyone announcements
  • Post in the #general (provided it’s a channel they can access)

What can't Guests do?

  • Use custom or integration slash commands**
  • Create, rename, archive, or delete channels***
  • Remove other team members from channels
  • Create, edit, disable, or @mention User Groups
  • Be added to User Groups
  • Create or make changes to apps or custom integrations
  • Set channel topics and purposes
  • Access team statistics
  • Add custom emoji, Slackbot responses, or team loading messages
  • Access the IRC/XMPP gateways

* Single-Channel Guests can't start a group DM. 
** Multi-Channel Guests can use custom or integration slash commands if a Team Owner has enabled this preference. 
*** By default, Multi-Channel Guests can create private channels. 

Note: Anyone can invite a Multi-Channel Guest to a private channel. The Multi-Channel Guest can then invite other team members they share other channels or direct messages with to that private channel. Single-Channel Guests cannot invite team members to a private channel.

Who can use this feature?
  • Only Team Owners and Admins can access this feature. 
  • Available to teams on the Standard and Plus plans.

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