Compose a post

Sometimes sharing detailed information with your team takes more than a message. Posts are a way to share and collaborate on long-form content — like project plans, or documentation — directly in Slack. 

Tip: Format posts beautifully with help from our Formatting for posts article. 


Create and share a post

  1. Next to the Slack message box, click the   button, then select Post.
  2. Enter a title and begin composing your post. Your work will be saved as a draft automatically! Posts are private by default, so they’re only viewable and searchable by you until you share them.
  3. To share your post, click the Share button at the top right and select a channel or person to share it with. A preview of your post will be sent to that conversation, and team members can click to expand it. 

If you're not ready to share your post, you can come back to the private draft anytime. Just visit and select the My Files tab. 

Note: You can't currently create or edit posts in our mobile apps.


Collaborate on a post

You and your team can work together on any post: simply check Let others edit this post when you share it. 

If you'd prefer not to allow others to edit your post (or even if you do!), comments are also a great way to collaborate or get feedback from teammates. Comments remain attached to a post, so you and your teammates can keep everything in context. 

How shared editing works

When shared editing is turned on, team members can take turns editing a post. Just click Edit to begin making changes, and click Done Editing when you’re finished. The post will then be available for another team member to edit.

When you view a post that someone else is editing, you’ll see that the Edit button is grayed out with a message to tell you which team member is making edits.  

Tip: If you'd like to restrict who can edit your post, share it in a private channel or direct message. Note that others will be able to share your post more widely if they choose.


Turn off shared editing

You can turn off shared editing at any time. In the post, simply click the   More actions button, then remove the check from Let others edit this post.


Create a public link to your post

You can share a post with anyone — even people outside of your Slack team — by creating a public link. Here's how:

  1. Open the post you’d like to share.
  2. Click the   More actions menu icon to open the actions drop-down.
  3. Select Create public link.
  4. Copy the link to your clipboard, then click Done.

This public link, when shared, will load for anyone on the internet. 

You can revoke the public link at any time. Just follow the steps above and select View public link, then Revoke. Once a link is revoked, the post will no longer be viewable outside your Slack team.

Keep in mind: If you share a post in a team-wide channel like #general, anyone who can see the post is also able to create a public link to it. To prevent this, you can share it in a private channel or direct message instead.

Team Owners and Admins can turn off the ability for team members to create public links on the Team Settings page.

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