Share links in Slack

Slack makes it easy to share web content like articles, websites, and tweets with your team. To share a link, just copy and paste the URL into the message input box.

Slack will automatically expand most links to display an inline preview:

If you'd like to remove the preview, just mouse over the description and click the  that appears on the left side. On iOS, tap and hold the preview, then select Delete attachment.

Note: Hyperlinking words and terms in a Slack message isn't supported.

Turn off link previews

If you’d prefer not to see previews of website content in Slack, you can turn them off in your Preferences:

  1. Click your team name to open the Team Menu.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Select the Messages & Media tab.
  4. Under Inline Media & Links, uncheck Show text previews of linked websites.

When links don't expand

There are a few reasons your link might not expand to show a website preview:

  • The link contains no preview data. When you share a link in a Slack message, the link preview contains embedded information from Twitter Cards, oEmbed, or Open Graph. If the web page doesn't include this data, the link will not expand.
  • You linked to a private page or file. For example, you won't see an inline preview for private YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • It was recently posted by another member of your Slack team. The link will not expand if that same link was shared within the past hour.
  • The link was to video or audio hosted at a service we're yet to whitelist. We're working to whitelist more services in future.
  • http:// was not included. Try adding http:// and your link should expand.
  • Your message contains more than four links. If your message has five or more links included, they won't expand.

Turn off link previews for specific sites

Team Owners and Admins can blacklist a specific URL or domain, so those links will no longer expand to show a preview.

To blacklist a link, just click the  on the upper left side of a link preview in Slack via web or the desktop app. When removing the attachment, select Disable future attachments from this website. A list of your team's blacklisted links will appear on the Attachments page.

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