Transfer primary ownership

A Primary Owner has the highest level of permissions in Slack — you become one by creating a new Slack workspace or Enterprise Grid organization. If you need to, you can transfer this role to another member.

What does a Primary Owner do?

  • The Workspace Primary Owner manages a single workspace. This person can delete a workspace, and promote (or demote) other Workspace Owners.
  • The Org Primary Owner holds the keys to the entire Slack Enterprise Grid org and each connected workspace. This person can change another Org Owners role and remove access to the Admin Dashboard.

How to transfer ownership

Use caution: Ownership transfer is immediate. You can't undo the action, but the new owner can transfer back to you.

Free, Standard, and Plus plan

Enterprise Grid plan

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Select Administration, then Manage members.
  3. Click the  three dots icon to the right of the Workspace Primary Owner's (your) account.
  4. Click Transfer ownership.
  5. Select a new Workspace Primary Owner.
  6. Enter your password to confirm the transfer.
  7. Click Transfer Workspace Ownership. The transfer will happen right away, and your role will change from Workspace Primary Owner to Workspace Owner.

We can help! Send a note to and tell us the new Org Primary Owner's email address. We'll handle the rest. 🙌

Who can use this feature?
  • The Workspace Primary Owner or Org Primary Owner can access this feature.
  • Available on free and paid plans.

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