Add Giphy search to Slack

Giphy lets you search the world's largest library of animated GIFs, making it easy to find and share them on the web. When you add the Giphy app to Slack, your team can use a simple slash command to instantly load a GIF in a channel or direct message.

Just type /giphy and a word or phrase, such as /giphy magic. Giphy will post a random GIF that matches your word or phrase.

With the Giphy previews turned on you'll be able to preview the GIF privately before posting. Or, click Shuffle to find one you like better!

Tip: Using common words and phrases can return unexpected results. Use with care! 


Set up the Giphy app

  1. Visit the Giphy app page.
  2. Next to the team name, click Install.
  3. Click Add Giphy Integration.

That's it! Your team members can now start using the /giphy command to post GIFs in channels and direct messages. ✨

Tip: Too many GIFs? Try typing /collapse to hide all the images in a channel. 🙈


Giphy settings

Select a maximum GIF rating

Members on the team with the ability to configure apps can select a maximum content rating for the GIFs displayed by your team’s Giphy app. GIF ratings are set to G - General Audiences by default. 

Turn on Giphy previews

To give team members a chance to preview a GIF privately before posting to a channel or DM, you can Enable Giphy previews

To adjust these setting, visit and click on your configured Giphy app to open the app page.

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