Giphy for Slack

The Giphy app lets you search a library of animated GIFs and share them in Slack. Once Giphy is installed on your workspace, any member can use a slash command to post a random GIF in a channel or direct message.


Add the Giphy app to your workspace

  1. Visit the Giphy app page in the Slack App Directory.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Click Add Giphy Integration.

Tip: You can enable previews and adjust GIF ratings from the Giphy app page.


Post a GIF

  1. In the message field, type /giphy followed by a word or phrase (try /giphy great job).
  2. If you don't like a random GIF, click Shuffle to pick a new one. Then, send your GIF.


Note: Using common words and phrases can return unexpected results. Use with care!

List of Giphy commands



/giphy <insert phrase here>

Posts a random GIF in channel.

/giphy #1 <insert phrase here>

Adds the current top result for that search term.

/giphy #caption <insert phrase here>

Adds a caption on a GIF based on your search term.

/giphy #caption “quote” <insert phrase here>

Add a specific caption to a GIF.

/giphy #weather <insert zip code here>

You’ll get a GIF that helps you feel the weather outside

/giphy #8ball <insert question here>

Want an answer to your question? Just ask!


Manage Giphy settings

Workspace Owners, Workspace Admins, and members with permission to configure apps can modify Giphy settings:

  • Enable Giphy previews so members can view GIFs before sending them.
  • Set a maximum GIF rating. Ratings are set to G - General Audiences by default.
  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Click Administration, then click Manage apps.
  3. Select Giphy from your list of apps.
  4. Modify the app's settings for your workspace.
  5. Click Save Integration.

Tip: Not seeing previews? Ask your Workspace Owner or Admin to enable them for your workspace.

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