Share Dropbox files in Slack

Sharing your Dropbox files in Slack keeps all your team's shared information in one convenient place. Best of all, the files you share to Slack will be fully searchable, and you can connect any number of Dropbox accounts to your Slack team.

Connect Dropbox to Slack

You can connect your Dropbox to Slack in two easy ways:

Share a Dropbox link in Slack

Paste a link to a Dropbox file you’d like to share into the message box. Slackbot will guide you through the quick process of giving Slack permission to read the file. (If you click Yes, you'll only have to do this once.)

Once you've given Slack permission to read the file, Slack will display a file preview inline.

Install Dropbox via the App Directory

If you don’t have a file to share immediately, but want to set up the Dropbox app, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Dropbox app page.
  2. Next to the team name, click Install.
  3. Click Authenticate your Dropbox account.
  4. Sign in to Dropbox and click Accept to authenticate with Slack.

That’s it! Now you can share files from your Dropbox with your team members.

Note: The Dropbox integration must be set up for each individual team member who wants to import files from their Dropbox. You can revisit the connection to Dropbox and revoke it at any time from your Installed Apps page.


Share files from Dropbox

Slack will only index the Dropbox files you choose to share. You can share a Dropbox file in two ways:

  1. Paste a link to the file in a message.
  2. Click the  plus icon next to the message box, mouse over A cloud service, then Dropbox.

In Slack, when you click on a file you’ve shared from Dropbox, you can then click Open original to view it in Dropbox.

Note: Imported files are searchable and shareable, but will not be stored in Slack — they will continue to be stored in Dropbox.

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