Slack for Education

Our Slack for Education program offers an 85% discount on our annual and monthly plans to eligible groups and institutions:

Annual cost per member, after the discount:

$12.00 per year — Standard plan

$22.50 per year — Plus plan

The Slack for Education discount does not apply to the Enterprise Grid plan at this time. To compare all of our plans, visit the Pricing Guide

Eligible workspaces

Slack for Education is available to:

  • Nonprofit educational institutions
  • Formally accredited primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions*
  • Student groups from any of the above
  • Organizations directly affiliated with an eligible educational institution
  • School districts and regional service agencies*

Our Slack for Nonprofits program is also available for nonprofit organizations.

* Please note that under our Terms of Service, anyone under the age of 13 is not permitted to use Slack.
** Federal and state (or equivalent) government offices, such as Departments of Education, are ineligible for Slack for Education.

How to apply

Workspace Owners can submit an application directly from the workspace you want to upgrade. If your organization isn’t already using Slack, take a moment to create a Slack workspace. We’ll grant Slack for Education status to the workspace you use to apply.

When you’re ready, fill out the Slack for Education application form.

As well as some basic information about your institution and your Slack workspace, you’ll need to provide documents that demonstrate your institution’s nonprofit or accredited status, such as a letter from a tax service or your school’s central administrator.

The review process

Our team will review your application and respond as quickly as we can.

While we don’t offer appeals for applications that aren’t approved, you’re welcome to apply again in the future if the status of your institution changes. Even if your workspace doesn’t qualify, you’re welcome to continue using the Free plan for as long as you like.

Everyone can use Slack but not every organization may meet our eligibility requirements to qualify for this program. Slack sets these guidelines and determines an organization’s qualification at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to grant or deny an organization’s application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our eligibility guidelines at any time.


Eligible Slack for Education workspaces that were previously on the Free plan will be able to upgrade as soon as their application is approved. Sorry, we don't offer refunds to workspaces that are already on paid plans. 

Note that due to the volume of applications we receive, Slack is unable to provide vendor or payment forms, portals, or agreements.

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