Send emails to Slack

With email apps, you can skip your inbox and receive emails directly in Slack. Important email notifications like server status updates, mailing lists, and traffic reports can now be sent to channels instead. You can also forward emails from your inbox to share them with your teammates in Slack.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you set up an email app, you’ll get a special email address that delivers to Slack.
  • You can allow anyone on your team to use the email address, or make it private so it’s for your use only.
  • Emails sent to the address will show up as a file in the Slack channel or DM of your choice.


Set up an email app

Email apps are quick to set up and easy to customize. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Email app page.
  2. Next to the team name, click Install.
  3. Select a channel or DM where the email will be posted.

  4. Click Add Email Integration.
  5. On the next page, you’ll find the email address you’ll use to send emails to the app. By default, anyone on your team can use it. If you’d like to keep the email address private, click Hide this address.
  6. Customize your email app with a descriptive label and a custom name or icon.
  7. When you’re finished, click Save Integration.

Once you create your app, you’ll also receive an email from Slack with your special email address. Add it to your address book for easy reference!

Receive emails in Slack

Emails sent to your app address will be posted to the chosen channel or DM as a file.

Click an email to expand and view its text and HTML content inline. If the email has a file attached, you’ll see an attachment icon.

Emails sent to Slack are indexed and searchable, including their contents. Anyone on your team can see emails sent to open channels, while emails posted to private channels or DMs are only searchable by team members who are part of that conversation.

Note: Emails sent from mailing lists that do not specify a sender will not arrive in Slack.  

Disable or remove an email app

To disable or remove a specific email app, locate a message and click the name of the bot. On the app settings page, click Disable to stop updates from the app, or Remove to delete it.

You can view a list of your team’s email apps anytime:

  1. Go to the App Directory:
  2. Click the Apps section.
  3. Click Email to view a list of email apps.
  4. Click the name of any public email app to view it.
  5. On the app settings page, click Disable to stop updates from the app, or Remove to delete it.

Once disabled or removed, emails to this app will stop being delivered to Slack immediately.

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members except for Guests can use this feature.
  • Available to teams on the Standard or Plus plans.

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