Emoji reactions

You can quickly respond to any message on Slack with an emoji reaction. Reactions can be used for any purpose: voting, checking off to-do items, showing excitement — and just for fun.

Add a reaction to a Slack message



To add a reaction:
  1. Mouse over a message and click the   Add a reaction icon.
  2. Choose an emoji for your reaction, and watch it appear below the message. 

You can also react to the most recent message in a channel from the comfort of your keyboard:

  1. Type +:emoji_name: in the message box and send.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift \ (Mac) or Ctrl Shift \ (Windows) to open the emoji picker for the most recent message.

When others add emoji reactions to a message, you can click that emoji to add your vote, or mouse over any reaction to see which members added it. 

To add a reaction:
  1. Touch and hold on the message you'd like to add a reaction to. 
  2. Select Add reaction
  3. Choose an emoji and watch it appear below the message.

If a message already has reactions, tap the   Add a reaction icon to add one of your own.

Tip: You can long press on a reacji to see who from your workspace has reacted.

Note: Each member can add up to 23 emoji reactions to any message, with a maximum of 50 unique emoji from all members.

Remove a reaction

Reactions you’ve added will show in blue. Just click or tap the emoji you added to remove it.


Recent reactions

When other members add emoji reactions to your messages, Slack will notify you in the Activity pane in the desktop app. Click the  Activity icon at the top right to view the latest reactions you’ve received.

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