About the Add to Slack button

The Add to Slack button makes it quick and easy to extend the features of your Slack team. By clicking it, you can authorize an app and add it to your team in a few simple steps.

What it does

When you see the Add to Slack button, here's what it can do:

  • Add apps that can extend and enhance Slack’s features.
  • Slash commands that interact with other services.
  • Bots that can automate tasks for your team.

Where you can find it

You’ll find the Add to Slack button on services around the web. A great place to get started is our Slack App Directory, which has links to dozens of apps that enhance the features of Slack in all sorts of ways.

Keep in mind: The Add to Slack button is not an endorsement. Use it only if you trust the service, and understand the features you're adding.

Note for developers: If you'd like to offer an Add to Slack button with your service, visit the Slack API website for details about the Add to Slack button and slash commands.

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