Slack for iOS

Slack for iOS lets you collaborate with the people you work with even when you’re on the move. Download the app for access to your channels and DMs, and get mobile notifications for must-see messages on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Read on to learn how to get started.

Download the Slack app

  1. Find Slack in the App Store.
  2. Tap the Get button. Or, if you’ve downloaded Slack before, tap Open.
  3. Tap Open to launch Slack. If you’ve exited the App Store, find the Slack icon and tap it to launch the app. 🚀

Note: If you’re having trouble downloading or running Slack for iOS, read about the technical requirements for Slack apps for computers, phones & tablets.

The basics

Let’s go over setting up Slack on your iOS device. Before you can sign in, you’ll need to join a Slack workspace or create your own.

Sign in to a Slack workspace

  1. Open the Slack app.
  2. Tap Sign in
  3. Enter your email address. (We'll be sending you an email!)
  4. On the same mobile device, locate and open your confirmation email from Slack. Tap Confirm Email Address to open the app, or tap Sign in manually to enter your Slack URL and password.
  5. If you have existing accounts, you’ll be signed in to all workspaces associated with this email address. Tap Start using Slack, or Sign In for Enterprise Grid.

    If you don't have an account yet, you'll see the workspaces you're eligible to join. Click Join workspace to create an account.

    If no existing workspaces and no pending invitations are associated with this email, you can tap either Create a new Slack workspace or Try another email address.


Sign out of a Slack workspace

  1. Swipe left to right until you see the Workspaces menu.
  2. Press and hold on the workspace you want to sign out of.
  3. Tap Sign Out.

Note: Signing out of a workspace removes it from the Slack app. Once you have signed out of all your workspaces, you will be signed out of Slack on your iOS device.

💡 What’s next? Look for iOS instructions to help you manage your profile and settings:


Left sidebar: workspaces, channels, and DMs

Swipe right to open the left sidebar, where you can access three panels: your workspaces, your channel list, and your recent direct message conversations. Swipe left or right to move between them.

Right sidebar: actions and settings 

Swipe left to open the right sidebar, where you can: 

  • Set a Status
  • Snooze Notifications
  • Check your Activity
  • View your Starred Items
  • Browse Your Files
  • View your Directory
  • Update your details with Edit Profile
  • Manage your Settings


Multi-touch gestures

Move around more quickly in Slack using gestures on the touchscreen. 


  • Left to right to open the workspaces menu, channel list, and direct messages list.
  • Right to left to open your Account & Settings sidebar.
  • Down on any notification to send a quick reply.
  • With two fingers to the left for the previous channel or conversation, and with two fingers to the right for the next channel or conversation.
  • With three fingers to the left for the previous workspace, and three fingers to the right for the next workspace.

3D Touch:

  • The app icon to search Slack and change workspaces.
  • The channel list or DM list to preview a conversation.
  • A URL to preview the linked website.
  • A link to a #channel to preview that channel.
  • An @mention to view that member’s profile.

Touch and hold:

  • A message, comment, #channel link, or @mention to view more messaging and sharing actions
  • A filephoto, or video shared in your workspace to download and save the item to your device.
  • A URL to view a menu of sharing options.

Using Slack for iOS

Now that you’re signed in and know your way around, let’s get to work! Throughout the Help Center, you'll find instructions for using Slack features on your iOS device. Here are some tasks to get you started.

Note: As useful as posts, snippets, and custom emojis are, you are not currently able to create them in Slack for iOS. Stay tuned for updates!

Organize your workspaces

You can change the order of your workspaces depending on how you use them: 

  1. Swipe left to right until you see the Workspaces menu.
  2. On the top right, tap Edit.
  3. Arrange your workspaces, then tap Done.

Switch your default browser

You can change the default mobile browser you'd like Slack to use to open links shared in your workspace:

  1. Tap the ⋮ More Items icon in the top right.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select Advanced, then tap Web Browser.
  4. Choose the default browser for links opened from the Slack app.


Having trouble? Here's what to try first:

  • Restart the app: double-press the Home button to see your most recently used apps, find the Slack app, and swipe up to close it. Tap the app icon on your Home screen to restart.
  • Reset the app cache: swipe left to open the right sidebar. Tap Settings, Advanced, then Reset Cache. This cleans out old or bad data from the app.
  • Turn your device off, then on again. 

If mobile notifications don’t arrive

Slack won't send a mobile notification if you've already seen the message on another device. If you think you're not getting notifications when you should, use the troubleshooting tool in the app:

  1. Swipe from right to left and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Tap Troubleshoot Notifications.

Tip: Don't see the help you need on this page? That's because we're only getting started! Be sure to also search the Help Center for the action or topic you're looking for. 

Need help? Drop us a line with the details. We'll be happy to help troubleshoot! 💁

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