Slack for iOS

Slack for iOS keeps you in touch with your team while you're on the go. Access all your channels and direct messages, and get push notifications for must-see messages. Slack for iOS works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download the Slack app

  1. Find Slack in the App Store.
  2. Tap the Get button. If you’ve downloaded Slack before, you’ll see a cloud with a down arrow to tap instead.
  3. To launch Slack, press the Home button to get back to the Home screen. Swipe between screens till you see the Slack app icon. Tap it to launch Slack. 🚀



Left sidebar: teams, channels, and DMs

Swipe right to open the left sidebar, where you can access three menus: your teams, your channels list, and your recent direct message conversations. Swipe left or right to move between them.

Teams menu

Channel list

Direct Messages list

Note: Use two fingers and swipe left or right to jump back and forth within your conversation history.

Right sidebar: items and settings

Swipe left to open the right sidebar, where you can:

    • Check your Activity 
    • View your Starred Items 
    • Browse Your Files 
    • View your team's Directory  
    • Manage your Snooze settings
    • Invite People to your team
    • Update your details with Edit Profile 
    • Manage your Settings 

Tip: If you need to sign out of the app, tap Settings and scroll to Sign out of your team. (Come back soon!) 👋


Tips and tricks

Sign in to multiple teams

The first time you launch the app, Slack for iOS will prompt you to sign in to your first team. To add another: swipe left from the channel view, tap Switch Teams, then tap Sign in to another team. To add another: swipe right to open the sidebar, then continue swiping right within the sidebar to access the Teams menu.

Switch teams quickly

If you’re signed in to more than one team, you can switch between them with a three-finger swipe, left or right. ✨



Having trouble? Here's what to try first:

  • Restart the app: double-press the Home button, find Slack, then swipe up on the app preview to close it. Tap the app icon on your Home screen to restart.
  • Reset the app cache: swipe left, tap Settings, Advanced, then Reset Cache.
  • Turn your device off then on again.

If push notifications don't arrive

Slack won't send you a push notification if you've already seen the message on another device. If you think you’re not getting push notifications when you should, you can:

  • To test your notifications, swipe left and tap Settings > Push Notifications > Test Notification System.
  • Quit Slack on your computer. Push notifications should then begin to come through on your phone.

Need help? Drop us a line with the details. We'll be happy to help you troubleshoot!

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