Set a reminder

Busy as a bee, or maybe feeling a little forgetful? 🐝 You can send yourself or other members a reminder for anything: important meetings, to-do items, even motivational messages.

Just use the /remind command — it works anywhere in Slack. When the time comes, Slackbot will send your reminder. (Slackbot's helpful like that!) 


Adding a new reminder

In the message box, type /remind and include the following: /remind [who] [what] [when]. Here are some examples:

  • /remind me every weekday at 2pm to take a coffee break
  • /remind @lima You’re amazing! in 45 minutes
  • /remind #design on July 31st at 10:55am to join the monthly meeting

Tip: Quotation marks surrounding your reminder help clarify your message. For example: /remind me to "drink a glass of water at 10:45am" every weekday at 10:30am.

Message reminders

When you want to follow up on a conversation or remind yourself of a task, you set a reminder for any message in Slack. Just hover over the message and click the  Show message actions icon, select Remind me about this, and choose a timeframe from the list.

Remind a person or a channel

Type me to remind yourself, the @[display name] of another member to send the reminder to them, or the #channel-name of a channel to send an open reminder there.

Remember: Set a reminder in a private channel by typing /remind #[private channel name], followed by your reminder. Don't forget to add the # sign in front of the exact spelling of the channel's name.

Note: Guests can't set reminders for other members, and reminders can't be set for User Groups.

Times and dates

Slackbot understands a number of time formats, like:

  • /remind #support in 15 minutes to placate a badger
  • /remind me to tickle an octopus at 6pm tomorrow
  • /remind @shandeep on March 9th at 8:55pm to hug an otter

You can also format the date in several ways:

  • /remind #design to amuse a moose at 10am every weekday 
  • /remind me to lament a swan at noon on January 7 
  • /remind #marketing to find a bevy of quail on 8 Feb 
  • /remind @michelle to charm a magpie on 11/30/2018 

You can even set reminders for specific days and alternating weeks:

  • /remind me to nuzzle a fox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • /remind @oscar to wake a buzzard every other Tuesday

To set a reminder far in the future, just include the full date. You can also add a time of day. By default, Slackbot will remind you at 9:00am on the date you choose.

Recurring reminders

You can set recurring reminders in a number of ways, too. Slackbot understands things like:

  • /remind me to nuzzle a fox on Tuesdays 
  • /remind me to wake a buzzard at 11:00 every Thursday 
  • /remind me to not poke a salmon every January 25 
  • /remind me to dazzle a zebra on the 4th of every month 

Note: You can’t set recurring reminders for other members.


Manage your reminders

Use the /remind list command in any channel or direct message to view upcoming, past, or incomplete reminders — Slackbot will return a list that only you can see.

Here, you have the option to Delete any of your reminders, or mark them as Complete. Click View completed reminders to see all reminders you’ve marked complete.

Things to note:

  • To view and manage the reminders for a particular channel, use the /remind list command in that channel.
  • Only non-recurring, non-channel reminders can be marked as complete.

Snooze a reminder

If you're not ready to act on your reminder, just click one of the options to reschedule the reminder: in 15 minutes, 1 hour, or tomorrow.


You can also use /remind snooze to reschedule the reminder for whenever you like:

  • /remind snooze for 1 hour
  • /remind snooze until Monday

Note: Channel reminders cannot be snoozed.


Get help with reminders

Typing /remind help in the message box will give you a quick recap on how to use the /remind slash command.

Check your time zone

When Slackbot confirms your reminder, you can check the date and time. If it seems wrong, it may be that your Slack time zone settings are different from the system time of your device. 

Check your system time, or update your Slack Time Zone settings on your Account page:

Once you’ve updated these settings, you can enter the reminder again to set the correct time.


Who can use this feature?
  • All members can use this feature. 
  • Available on free and paid plans.

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