Set a reminder

Busy as a bee, or maybe feeling a little forgetful? You can send yourself or other members a reminder for anything: important meetings, to-do items, even motivational messages!

There are two ways to set a reminder in Slack on either your desktop or mobile:

  • Customized reminders using /remind slash command
    Use the /remind slash command anywhere in Slack, and Slackbot will send the reminder for you.
  • Message reminders
    When you want to follow up on a message in Slack, choose from a preset menu of time options for Slackbot to notify you.

Use Slack in a different language? The functionality of this feature may vary depending on your language preference. Use the English /remind slash command and formatting suggested in this article if you’re stuck. Or type /remind and press Enter for a menu of preset options.

Add a custom reminder

In the message input box, type the /remind slash command and you’ll see a template of how to format your reminder: /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when]

Here are some examples:

Remind a person or a channel

  Slash command [@someone or #channel] [What] [When]
To remind yourself /remind me Drink water Everyday 
To remind a member  /remind @lima Submit report May 30
To remind a channel  /remind #design Join the meeting Monday

Remember: Set a reminder in a private channel by typing /remind #[private channel name], followed by your reminder. Don't forget to add the # sign in front of the exact spelling of the private channel's name.

Format a reminder

There are multiple ways to set a reminder for yourself, a member, or a whole channel at a specific time and date. If you don’t include a time of day, Slackbot will send the reminder at 9:00am on the day or date you choose.

📆  Time and date formats

To fill in the [when] portion of the /remind slash command, Slackbot understands a number of time and date formats — various examples are shown in bold below:

  • Increments of time: in 10 seconds, in 17 minutes, in 1 hour, or in 2.5 hours
    E.g. /remind me Call Rieko in 25 minutes

  • Specific time: at 8:55pm (12-hour clock), at 16:00 (24-hour clock), at midnight
    E.g. /remind @lima Lunch time! at 12:30pm

  • Specific date: on January 1, on 8 Feb, on 11/30/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY)
    E.g. /remind #management Send annual salary review report on December 15

  • Specific days: every weekday, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    E.g. /remind #design Design critique meeting every Thursday

  • Specific days, alternating weeks: every other Tuesday
    E.g. /remind me Physiotherapy after work every other Wednesday

🔂  Recurring reminders

You can set recurring reminders in a number of ways, too. Here are some ways to format the [when] portion of a recurring reminder:

  • /remind me to update the team meeting agenda on Mondays
  • /remind me to attend the team meeting at 11:00 every Tuesday
  • /remind me to schedule annual reviews every January 25

Note: You can’t set recurring reminders for other members.


Message reminders

You can have Slackbot remind you about a message or file that was sent in Slack.

Here's how:




Windows Phone

  1. Click the   Show message actions icon on a message or file.
  2. Hover over Remind me about this, then choose a timeframe from the list.
  1. Touch and hold on a message or file.
  2. Tap Remind Me.
  3. Tap the timeframe when you would like to be reminded.
  1. Touch and hold on a message or file.
  2. Tap Remind Me.
  3. Tap the timeframe when you would like to be reminded.
We're sorry! It's not possible set message reminders from the Windows Phone app at this time.


Manage your reminders

⏰  Snooze a reminder

If you’re not ready to act on your reminder, use the drop down menu in the reminder message to reschedule: in 20 minutes, 1 hour, or tomorrow at 9am.

Note: Channel reminders can’t be snoozed.

✅  Delete or mark as complete

In your Slackbot DM, type the /remind list slash command  to view a list of your own upcoming, past, or incomplete reminders. To view and manage reminders for a particular channel, use the /remind list slash command in that channel.

  • Delete any of the reminders you no longer need or created by mistake.
  • Mark reminders as Complete and simply click View completed reminders to see a full list.



We understand that reminders can be tricky sometimes — especially when you’re using the Slack app in a different language.

Type the /remind help slash command for a recap on how to format your reminders. Alternatively, here are some things that can help:

  • Check your time zone
    Every time you schedule a reminder, Slackbot will confirm and repeat it back to you. Carefully review the time and date. If it seems wrong, it may be that your Slack profile’s time zone setting is different from the system time on the device you’re using.

    Check the system time on your desktop or mobile device or change your time zone in Slack. Once the settings are updated, don’t forget to create the reminder again.

  • Follow the reminder instructions/format for English
    The functionality of this feature may vary depending on the language preference you have set in Slack. We’re working hard to improve setting custom reminders in Slack.

    In the meantime, you can still create the reminder in your language, but we recommend following the time and date format of English reminders if you’re having trouble.

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