Voice, video & screen sharing apps

Whether you need to talk over voice or video, or share your screen with other members of your team, Slack has a number of apps you can choose from.


  • One-click video conferences in a browser window
  • Supports up to 8 participants
  • Use the /appear slash command to start and share a video conference

Get started with the appear.in app here: slack.com/apps/new/appearin.

Blue Jeans

  • Simple video conferencing for web, desktop, mobile, and room systems
  • Requires an active Blue Jeans account (paid or free trial)
  • Use the /bluejeans slash command to launch a video conference

Add the Blue Jeans app to your team here: slack.com/apps/A0F8148C9-blue-jeans.

Google+ Hangouts

  • Voice and video calls with your team in a browser window
  • Use the /hangout slash command to start a Hangout
  • Invite Slack team members directly from the Hangout

You can try the Google Hangouts app at slack.com/apps/A0F7YS351-google-hangouts.


  • Video and voice calls
  • Up to 10 participants on a group video call, or up to 25 on a group voice call

Get started with installing Skype: skype.com/en/features/slack


  • Voice calls, video calls and screen sharing with your team in a dedicated app
  • Use the /zoom command start a call with your team
  • A paid Zoom account is required

You can add Zoom to your team at slack.com/apps/A0F81R9BR-zoom.

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