Format posts on your desktop

Posts are a way to create, edit and share fully-formatted documents in Slack. Once you've created a post, use the text formatting described below to organize your thoughts simply and clearly.

Posts can only be created and edited from Slack on your desktop, but you can view them from our mobile apps.

Psst! Looking to format your messages in Slack channels and DMs? Read Format your messages to learn how.


Paragraph formatting

When you're writing or editing a post, the paragraph menu is located to the left of the line you're working on. 

Click the ¶ icon for styling options, then pick from the following: 

  • the       icons for headings and subheadings
  • the   icon for numbered lists
  • the   icon for bulleted lists
  • the   icon for checklists
  • the  icon for code blocks

Tip: Checklists are a great way to create and share to-do lists. Click the ¶ icon by your first item, then select the  checklist icon. Press Enter to add more items or a checkbox to mark an item as done.


Selection formatting

Selecting a range of text in your post displays a style menu.

Here, you can choose from bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and code snippet styles. You can also create linked text.


Keyboard shortcuts

Posts support keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy formatting. We’ve included familiar, standard keyboard shortcuts for ease — like using B (Mac) or Ctrl B (Windows) to bold text you’ve selected.

For a list of keyboard shortcuts, press  / (Mac) or Ctrl / (Windows) or just click the  More menu icon at top right and select Keyboard shortcuts. Here you can see a list of Markdown-style formatting shortcuts if you prefer, too.

Hint: A few formatting options are only available via keyboard shortcuts, so it's worth checking them out!


Add images to your post

It's not possible to attach or upload an image to a post. However, if you want to include an image, just paste a link to the image in an empty paragraph. If it's a public or shared file, the image will expand automatically. 

Link previews

Just like links in your Slack messages, you can expand links in your posts to show a preview of the content. It’s as simple as clicking the link you want to expand, then clicking the   eye icon.


Note: Some websites don’t offer content previews; in these cases, clicking the eye icon will not expand the link.

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