Deploy Slack via Microsoft Installer

Slack provides a Microsoft Installer package (MSI) for IT Admins to install the Slack Windows app via Group Policy/Microsoft System Center. The MSI installer makes managing and deploying Slack on multiple machines easier.


How it works

  • It places the installer under Program Files\Slack Machine Installer.
  • It installs the Slack app per user, on their local profile.
  • It creates a registry key that will run the installer with a --checkInstall flag when a user logs in.
  • It will install Slack if the app isn't present when a user logs in. If Slack is installed or the user has chosen to remove Slack, the installer will close.

Use the Slack MSI installer

    1. Install the Microsoft Installer package:

      Download 32-bit MSI Installer

       Download 64-bit MSI Installer

    2. Sign out of your Windows user account.
    3. Sign back into your Windows user account.
    4. The Slack app icon will appear on the Desktop and Start Menu.

Note: Slack won't open on startup, unlike the regular Windows app. To install Slack on your own PC, see Slack for Windows.

Keep in mind: Uninstalling the MSI installer won't remove the Slack app from user accounts.

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