Create a user group

A user group is an easy way to get the attention of many members at once. When you mention a group's unique name — like @managers, for example — everyone in that group will be notified.

User groups can be used to automatically add group members to channels too: simply add a list of default channels when creating the group or invite the group using the /invite @usergroup slash command.  

Note: Notifications for user groups work the same way as regular @mentions. For more detail, visit Mention a member


Create a user group

On desktop, here's how to create a user group:

  1. Click the   More Items menu in the top right corner.
  2. Select User Groups from the menu.
  3. Click Create a new group.
  4. Choose a Name, Handle, and Purpose. Select default channels that members of the user group will be invited to automatically.
  5. Click Create Group.
  6. Below Send invites to, choose which members to add to your user group, then click Invite

User group names must be unique. If a name is already used in Slack (as a channel name or display name), it won't be available.

Note: Guests don't have full access to all channels in your workspace, so they can’t be added to user groups.


Edit a user group

On desktop, here are the steps to edit a user group: 

  1. Click the   More Items menu in the top right.
  2. Select User Groups from the menu.
  3. Click Edit user groups.

From there you can choose from the following:

  • Click the  disable icon to disable a group. On the next page, click Disable this group to confirm.
  • Click the  gear icon to edit the group name, handle, purpose, and default channels.
  • Click the  member icon to add or remove the members in the group.
  • Click the  power icon to re-enable a disabled group. On the next page, click Enable this group to confirm.

Note: Disabling a user group means you can no longer mention the group's handle: it does not delete it from your list of groups, and all members will remain in the group unless removed. 

Remember: If you don’t see the option to create or edit user groups, an administrator has limited this feature to Workspace Owners and Admins only.


Browse user groups and view members

From desktop, you can find a full list of user groups and view their members:

  1. Click the   More Items menu in the top right corner.
  2. Select User Groups from the menu.
  3. Select any group to view its members.

Note: On the Enterprise Grid plan, user groups are unique to each workspace. Unlike finding members in the directory, user groups aren't accessible in all workspaces within the org. 


Who can use this feature?
  • By default, only Workspace Owners and Admins can create and edit user groups, but they can make this feature available to all members. 
  • StandardPlus, and Enterprise Grid plans

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