Onboarding checklist for new users

We’ve broken down the basics of Slack with this handy new user checklist to share with your team.



  1. If your team is brand new, create and populate a few channels before sharing this document. This way, they’ll have channels to star, messages to search for, and a better understanding of how your team will work in Slack.
  2. Share this page with your team. Or, print out the PDF so you can check each item off one by one.
  3. Encourage your team to post a message in a designated channel once they’ve finished the checklist so everyone can see who’s on board.

Welcome to Slack!

Once you complete this checklist, you’ll be up and running on Slack in no time. It should only take about 20 minutes.

Before you begin...

If you’ve never used Slack before, head to our video guides page and watch the “What is Slack?” video at the top. We’ll get to the others later.

Step 1: Logging in

Join your team at myteam.slack.com and log in.

Download the desktop and mobile apps at www.slack.com/downloads.

Step 2: Setting up your profile

Fill out your profile — be sure to include your full name, your role, and your office location so people know who you are and where to find you.

Upload a photo that is easily recognizable as you. Creative avatars are fun, but your Slack team should see who you are.

Step 3: Getting Started

How to play:

Watch the videos listed below (and more if you’d like) at slack.com/videoguides. They’re short but full of useful tips.

After each video, put your new skills into action by completing the following tasks. Try to use real work if you can. If you can’t, you can always direct message yourself (Your DMs serves as a great personal scratch pad).

Using channels (2:32)

Find and join a few channels.

Star a few of your most important channels.

Sending messages (3:01)

@mention someone in a channel, then try a direct message.

React to a message with an emoji.

Using search (2:45)

 Search for a message using modifiers (type “+” in the search bar to see the full list).


You’re finished! Well done, you!!