Cheat sheet for basics and shortcuts

Hi, there! 👋  If you are just getting started, this guide will help you get to know Slack like the back of your hand. Give the keyboard shortcuts a try to get around even faster!

Team Switcher

(Only visible when signed in to more than one team)

Team Menu

Click your team name to find your profile and account settings, apps, and more.

Open Preferences ⌘/Ctrl,

Team Switcher

On the desktop app, hop between teams if you're on more than one. Click the  plus icon to add more! 

Switch teams ⌘/Ctrl1, 2etc.

Channel List



For conversations that are open to all members.

Move between channels  or

Private Channels

Best for topics that might be sensitive or confidential. 

Previous channel or DM Alt

Direct Message (DM)

DM a teammate one-on-one. Or start a Group DM with up to eight others.

Open DM menu ⌘/CtrlShiftK


Channel Header


Channel Settings

Click the  gear icon to adjust notifications, invite teammates, and more.

Open Preferences ⌘/CtrlK


Star the channels and DMs you visit frequently to place them at the top of your channel list! 

Open Starred Items ⌘/CtrlShiftS

Message Input

Quick Switcher

Jump swiftly between channels and DMs with the Quick Switcher.

Open the Quick Switcher ⌘/CtrlK

Upload Files

Upload files or create posts and snippets. 

Upload a file ⌘/CtrlU


Write and send your messages.

Jump to the input box Tab


Click the  smiley face icon to add an emoji (or two!) 

Autocomplete emoji :[character]Tab



Pinned Items

Quickly access Pinned Items, or scan the channel's Member List.

Open Preferences ⌘/Ctrl.

Channel Details

Learn more about a channel's purpose, share files, and more. 

Open Channel Info ⌘/CtrlI


See new activity, like mentions and reactions, on your messages.

View activity ⌘/CtrlM

Starred Items

Use stars to highlight important conversations or files. 

Open Starred Items ⌘/CtrlShiftS

More Items

Access your files, directory, or see what's new in Slack!

Open the directory ⌘/CtrlShiftE