Keep up with what's important

You’re a person in demand! But keeping up with every message or channel in Slack can test your focus. A few tweaks here and there can restore order to your Slack universe, and help you get things done.

Star channels to keep them at the top of your channel list. This is best for channels you check frequently and conversations you don't want to miss, or as a reminder to follow up on something. You can also star messages and files to help you stay organized by using your Starred Items as a to-do list. To view your Starred Items, just click the star icon  in the top right corner of Slack. See Using stars for more information. 

Check your activity to see when you need to follow up with someone. Click the   Activity icon to see your recent mentions and where any reactions were added to your messages.

Customize your Channel List Preferences. As your team grows, you may not need to see every channel in your sidebar. For busy teams, we recommend viewing only channels that have activity, or you frequently visit. Tailor your sidebar to fit your need in Preferences > Advanced > Channel List.


Customize notifications by channel to keep tabs on the topics that are most important to you. You can mute channels that get too noisy, or choose to get notified of every message in channels that need your attention. 

Set up highlight words to get notified whenever someone mentions a word or phrase that matters to you, like your name, nickname, project, customer, area of interest, or any other conversation you want to stay plugged into. You can do this in your Preferences > Notifications.

You can also use slash commands to quickly:

  • Leave channels that aren’t relevant to you with /leave.
  • Archive channels that are no longer relevant to your team (e.g. after a project ends, feature launches, etc) with /archive(Only available if a Team Admin has enabled this option).



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